Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Nevada

Traditions are part of what makes the Holidays so special. I've been blessed to spend the last week in Nevada with my family. Some of the photos are traditions and some are just the humor of a family.

Only people that know my parents will understand how my dad goes about everywhere, and obviously, as the photo shows, EVERYWHERE with his coffee cup.
Another yummy treat over the holidays is my mom's spread of candies, desserts and the coup'de tat, Danish Puff. I'm not sure if that's the real name for it, but that's our family's name for it.

Perhaps your family has a name for something that just isn't the right name, but it is what your family calls it. I'd love to know some wierd names if you want to leave a comment, feel free to name what your family misnamed and has stuck.

My brother is very crafty. More than crafty, he's really an artisan creating from scrap paper and old christmas cards, these cards that are pop-up works of art! Amazing, beautiful, keepsakes.

Last, but not least is my Mom. Obviously she's a great cook but she also suffers from Macular Degeneration, so she sometimes has this jewelers loupe, and I just love this candid photo of her and I. She hates me photographing her. Thankfully she tolerates it and I just love taking pictures of my family.

So, as you can see, I'm blessed. I love my family. Being home is this year's greatest Christmas present.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

TEA Academy Fashion Show

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of photographing a new youth program, The TEA Academy, and it's "Beau-tea Within Me" Benefit Fashion Affair.
The whole affair thanks to the tireless work of Delphia Large and the entire Steering Committee, was really a blessing to watch and capture. I was truly impressed by the overall span and scope of the evening.

The Dances were great, the poetry and music were performed brilliantly and these young women are learning to be confident, intelligent, conscientious women which I think is an awesome way to be!

I've put together a small but Diehlicious collage. Out of the 700+ photos I took, I narrowed that down to 250 and then placed a few of those favorites into this collage.

I hope you all enjoy this and if you have any curiosities about the TEA Academy, let me know and I'll get you in touch with Delphia. Their website is almost up, but as of posting this, it's still in the works!


"It's Diehlicious!"
P.S. click on the photo if you want to see it larger

P.S.S. to pre-register for a $5 gift certificate or be notified of the official photography "upload" to Pictage or, visit the full posting of the photos if you're looking at this after the 14th of December, go to:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Return and beginning of delicious Photography, a thanks to Gary Fong

It's been a long minute since I last added to my blog. Not that DPA hasn't been working and payin' the bills but a lot has happened heart and soul for me and I just felt like posting these pics I took today from up in White County a bit north of Lafayette (I call it LaffyTaffyTown).... Just as a gateway, my sort of tipping windmills if you will.

Anyway, I've gone for months not presenting my photos because I didn't feel I had an audience. Perhaps I don't have much of an audience at this moment, but honestly I feel like I was given the "key" to satisfaction in my work and a reason to bust my tail from now on. I'd like to thank the mostly famous photographer, Gary Fong, for giving myself and a small group of PUG attendees at the lovely home of Kevin Swan last night some splendid keys to success in life as well as in the photography trade.

One simple tip, (at least to me), was to shoot and basically not edit through Lightroom or Photoshop. I shot 632 photos today of windmills, I know, I know.... I couldn't help but do a few presets on some of these, they'll be obvious I'm fairly certain, but I'm also certain that of the group that I easily loved in a real quick sort, they all would stand on their own without retouching. I'm really blessed with not only a good sense of composition, but an understanding of photography that allows me to take photos that don't require post processing to stand on their own.

I know my blogs are typically very short, mostly just tasty, delicious morsels of photos from events and weddings and portraits I've had the pleasure to work at or for. But sometimes I need to get my other voice out and sharpen it because although my eyes are my dominant outlet for communicating, my words can also bring a bit of joy, perspective and interest.

Speaking of words you'll notice the word delicious a lot from now on. Delicious...think about it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The McGee's Wedding Day!

What a wedding!

I was talking with Jason about his expectations of the wedding and the whole experience. He said it was beyond anything he could have imagined. Jennifer was equally amazed. They put this together with the help of Elise at Beach Bum Vacations and Patricia at the Royal Resort all via email and hit a HOME RUN! Everything from amazing decorations and attention to detail to a staff that's all about pleasing everyone in the party. This was a fantastic wedding. Add in the love and Boom! It was on! Grand Slam... Hope you all enjoy their photos.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cancun Day 2 photos!

Today is the big day! The party was on yesterday getting everything ready for today. Jennifer and Jason are primed for their big day and I'm so excited to do their actual ceremony and reception tonight.

Stay tuned for Day 3 and if you want to see any of these photos larger, just click on them! Thanks!

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