Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Album Design without slideshow....

It's like a sideshow of slideshows over here on my blog today huh?! So I put together the post on Pictage to make the slideshow and while I like the slideshow, I know if I were the bride and groom and all their family, I'd want to see them bigger, so here are the images roughed out for proofing but approximately what they'll have in the form of a KISS wedding book very very soon. Of course Click it to Biggie size it :)B

Aaron & Elizabeth Quinn's Album Design slideshow

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aaron & Elizabeth Quinn's wedding

Last Saturday was one of the most beautiful days of the year and I was blessed to photograph Aaron and Elizabeth Quinn's wedding up at their uncle's "farm" in Noblesville.
Now I've done a fair amount of weddings in my time now, and done them in all shapes and sizes, and I'd have to say that in all the events I've shot this was just one of the most lovely, simple, low key, low drama, high in love weddings I've ever shot.
Without boring you with all their story, the couple basically have known each other as kids. Their dad's have been friends for ages and it's kind of one of those weddings where the parents probably jokingly said over a beer back in the 80's, "Yep, those two will be getting married..." I'm not sure exactly how many other weddings I've done where the families on both sides were friends before the relationship happened, but I must say, that it makes for a great wedding and an incredible relationship. So I digress, I loved shooting this couple, from the engagement session to the wedding day. They're incredibly gracious, friendly and totally in love. God bless you two and I can't wait to get the book in your hands and see your faces.
I've included a handful of my favs in no particular order or significance. Stay tuned for the album design soon and then the whole set of photos will be available for everyone to see and order.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kids Kastle Kandids slideshow

Here's yet another 5 minutes of preciousness! I was watching this after I created the slideshow and for those that watch, let me know if you spontaneously smile as much as I did. Kids are just like medicine... the best medicine. Thanks to Karen Baker, director at Kids Kastle and all the parents for allowing me to come and photograph their kids. To order prints, you'll have to be a parent or family member to get the event key. To everyone else, just smile and if you need to smile, you know where to come.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Stilabower

It's been a little while since I shot a wedding. This week I'm doing two! I've never shot a wedding via the Justice of the Peace but my good friend's daughter, Nina sprang the news on her dad last week! Being a firm believer that the only thing that will last as long as the love that's between the couple is the photos, I offered my services on the fly for the new couple and as a favor for my good friend Jim.

This couple, Nina and Jacob are a ton of fun. I really can tell they fit well together and as you can see, they're not only fun and good for each other, they really have love and I enjoyed photographing their small service and some fun candids between city hall and the Monument.

Nina and Jacob, may the Lord bless your new life together.

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