Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Indy MotoGP and John 3:16

Indianapolis is most famous for the Indy 500. Naturally anything speed related is drawn to this city. From drag racing to elite motorcycle racing. I've photographed the world champion Lawnmower racing champion from 2000. Anyway, racers are like warriors. No matter the source of speed, there is a magnetism to the conquering of speed and vulnerability and it forms a bond that's timeless.

I was at the practice Friday with my good friend John Patterson who raced in a sub-elite class. I have no idea how close to the big leagues he was in but his number was 316, as in John 3:16... Anywho, the guy reaching out a hand in the photo above (if you click on any photo it will get bigger) was a fellow racer who hadn't seen John for over a decade. It was like no time had passed. It's a special brotherhood and unfortunately, yesterday, they lost a 13 year old as he was bucked off his bike and another racer couldn't avoid hitting him. Peter Lenz, of Vancouver WA., rest in peace. According to his father, he died doing what he loved. Bless his family and bless the young man that couldn't control the speed and path that took him into Peter's path.

There was a winner at the GP, but I know that every person that races felt the reality and sting that what they love and do is something that is highly dangerous and that the win was pretty meaningless when a young passionate life was lost. Realizing that they've cheated death whether it was yesterday or a decade ago increased a bond among these speed demons and perhaps if they aren't already, brought them a little closer to the power that renders death meaningless. Thanks JOHN 3:16

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cindy, Zoe and Scout... pet slideshow!

This is Cindy and the namesake/mascots of her company naturally, it's Scout and Zoe! Scout and Zoe for those not yet in the know, is a dog chew company that sells hypo-allergenic dog chews, aka, Elk & Deer antlers. Brilliant huh?!

Scout is the puppy of the two and being a Short-haired Pointer has an abundance of energy. Zoe's been around the block a bit more but as a German Shepard they're always up to a good row and definitely held her own over Scout. You can see how little Cindy is in comparison and amazingly, she could handle both of these dogs and does it all the time! I was thoroughly impressed.

The photos in the slideshow came from Cindy's "favorite" folder. If you hire me to do portraits you and all your friends can look at each other's favorites folders and it makes it easy to order from and easy for me to design a slideshow or a book for a special day in your life.

I had such a great time with these dogs and Cindy's a doll, brilliant in so many ways. I can't wait to do the fall portraits and get Mr Scout and Zoe, aka Steve in on the act. I hope you enjoy!


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