Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3rd song and Indiana's largest....

Round barn.

So I was gallivanting early this morning and thought of a shooting a barn that's on Mt.Comfort road and 56th aka 500n I drive by on my way to church. I got to the intersection and the light was just not "right" and here it was, 7:30 and I'm out, so, what do I do? I sometimes abide by the 3 song rule, which I learned from one of my photography friends or profs, or perhaps a book I read, back in the past millennium, which is actually a shooting rule Minor White would give his students. Simply, at the end of the 3rd song, wherever you are, you stop get out of your car and shoot. So I drove a bit south on Mt. Comfort Rd by the airport, Shameless playing, song 1, down, the road photo in here came from Garth Brooks' inspiration, or at least, that's who was playing, obviously, not the 3rd song. Then I believe it was either Counting Crows or Lenny Kravitz, regardless, I'm taking back roads behind/around the Mt. Comfort airport and come across this amazing sight. A HUGE, I mean, larger than like any other barn around and perhaps what made it so much more special to me was that it's round. So, I get out and Lenny's playing "just can't get you out of my mind" and I'm sucked in across a few pastures and fields by this enormous red barn.
Naturally, I'm figuring out how I could get closer without trespassing or getting in the way or shot at and decide that the best way to get the best view is to make my way to the owners property and see if anyone's around and inquire about photographing their barn.
So I pull up their road, beautiful, typical turn of the century white farm house at the front leading you to the barn and beside it another enormous shop which is where I meet Gary Kingen.
Like a typical jovial Hoosier he looks up at me from behind his cutting torch as he's busy fabricating something on his flatbed, smiling. Most likely wondering who I was and perhaps figuring that if I'm brave enough to walk up to him with 4 dogs barking very unhappily that I at least deserve a glad hand and big smile.
So I introduced myself and told him how amazed I was by this barn. Now, I've seen a lot of barns. For some reason, I've never registered seeing a round barn, although in hindsight there's another one, not far from the Kingen's that's now a B&B, but it's tiny in comparison.
Gary, being the gracious proud family farmer put his torch down, and began to give me a short history lesson and tour of this amazing structure built in 1903 by a Pennsylvania robber baron-type by the name of Lillith or (it's close, but not exactly right) and his family bought the farm and has lived and worked it since 1906.
Now I love farms, they remind me a lot of working at the gold mine's from my college days except you don't have to wear hardhats and deal with MSHA or OSHA. My point is, is that I got to mosey around this amazing structure which in and of itself should be a museum piece and thankfully, didn't have to get documentation and legal junk to enjoy this historical structure.
I could go on and on about this barn, obviously, I never write this much in my blogs, all I can say is that the entire inside is handhewn wood from the property, the floors are laminate 1x2's and well, I'll let the pictures speak the rest. I've probably got close to a 1000 words already and hopefully, my pics will give you a much greater appreciation for what I happened upon this morning on my 3rd song...

Like everything else on my blog, if you want to see the photos larger just click and I'd like to thank Gary again for his graciousness and willingness to show me a part of his family's history and a bit of Indiana's neatest oddities.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well, you know, those that live in Indy, I think, will get the title of this blog. But for those that don't live here and those that do live here, but get how I play with words and/or don't shop much, here's the scoop.

KeyBank's opening up a new branch in the near future and for all their new and de-novo,(latin for redo/remodel), which I like the word and thought it was pretty original, but I'm sure it's very common in the real estate industry. Anyway, that's one of 2 side notes about where I'm going, for those want the other side note ask me sometime about Denozo....

Alas, Key always gives me a list of locales that are prominent in the proximity of their new branch and so I go and photograph them and try to find something interesting and peculiar, but still pretty obvious where they or what they are. It's been pretty cold/wet lately, fortunately they asked me to shoot castleton at night. Malls are generally not all that visually stimulating and thank God for rain to give the pavement a little glisten and glow. Otherwise, I'd be left with a plain night shot and with Key, they do all their pics in B&W which would have made it all the more disappointing to look at. (my personal opinion). Anyway, I've put up a few of the B&W's and their color versions as well as a few horizontals that I played a bit with in Lightroom and some different presets I've developed and tweaked.

Anything you want to look at closer just double click and if you want to see the whole list visit,

OH, and in a few days, you'll have to check out my new FACEBOOK page just for DPA... it'll be Diehlicious!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, March 12, 2010

I am a winner!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Yes I know, I know it's no surprise to you that I have been declared a winner, but alas, just one more reason to like me and follow me on twitter whensoever I tweet. But I'm not there yet so don't hash me yet. But yes, winner I am, tweeter I am not, but my tweeter and my woofer are better than my twitter and my whiffer, so I've got that going for me in addition to me winning this really cool prize in my parents town, the land from whence I graduated high school.

So those in Elko, celebrate with me, those in Indy, likewise be jubilant because Indy's getting some props in Elko NEVADA and I'm once again being way too self-important. But wait, isn't that what a blog is for anyways???? Twitter that why don'tcha!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

541 Salon, my choice to turn Shaggy back into Chandler and bride's Up-Do's too!

I know I know, you all are probably wondering, "wow, how does Brian keep looking so good!?" And granted, my parents will secretly take all the credit but I'll let you in on this ancient Chinese secret, Kirsten Federau..... 541 Salon in Carmel on Rangeline.
Yeah, this blog post is really really grasping at lots of humor, wit and really generally poor self-deprecating humor, but alas, sometimes it's all one has.

Fortunately, I've also got luck, talent, blessings, a plethora of gifts and without going on and on and making myself seem way to narcissistic which in reality, this whole post is going to appear, I think I'll stop and brag on my friend and amazing stylist/colorist/ & UP-Doist (for those that are getting married, hire her...) Kirsten.

We had a great time catching up today, coining her new last name, which her husband Drew (aka Jake from the Bachelor) according to Kirsten he's his twin, but I won't either confirm or deny if he favors this Jake guy as I don't watch the Bachelor. Carrying on, the new last name for Kirsten, (the Up-Do specialist) is Federgard.

I won't elaborate, for those that know her, you'll laugh, for those that don't, ask when you get your hair appointment. You can book your appointment by calling 317.580.0541. Tell her you're a friend of mine and, well, you don't even have to, Just look what she can do with this almost old guy that could have played Shaggy on Scooby Doo. Ahhhh, back to Chandler Bing... so much better. (the first photo is before, the last ones... well you get it. If you want to see any of my photos, just click on em......)

Thanks Kirsten! you made me "diehlicious!"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

KeyBank Meridian Midtown Ribbon Cutting

I had the pleasure of serving KeyBank in celebrating their latest branch opening on Tuesday the 2nd at 9th and Meridian.
The branch is a vibrant colorful fresh location with staff that's very fun and it's manager TC is every bit a reflection of the building and this particular branch. At the very end of the evening, most everyone had left including the majority of the key KeyBank personnel and TC was prodded to sing a little number. Rick from 'Round Midnite' served up "you are so beautiful" and it was on. What a great show! Thanks TC! I wish you well in your branch's success.

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