Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poetry Visualized

In October, I'll be the featured artist for the Lawrence Partnership for the Arts. I have a number of ideas and hundreds and probably thousands of pictures I could use that would feature my love of Americana. While I may still include some of that, I really wanted to do something more challenging and so I've asked people through my Facebook page and elsewhere to email or send me a poem they'd like to see interpreted in photos. My first set was submitted to me from my friend and band mate Mike Mulvaney who is a prolific songwriter and amazing guitarist/musician. This is his poem and this is how I see how he "Paints the Sky". These photos were all taken within 20 hours all within 5 minutes of my apartment. Which coincidentally is in Lawrence. Enjoy and if you have a poem you'd like me to interpret, email me at diehlphotographicarts@gmail.com

SKY PAINTER by Mike Mulvaney c1994
Do you lay your head upon His breast
When you see the setting sun?
Do the rays that pierce departing clouds
Bring warmth where there was none?
Does the night breeze whisper to your heart
That He's still in control?
Do you ever pause to see this scene unfold?

Sky Painter, show me the beauty of your works
You're the Artist and the Architect of all the universe
And when my blind eyes fail to see your hand in everything
Please hold me while you teach me how to see.

When a gray sky weeps, releasing rain
Does His mercy wash your soul?
And instead of gloom you feel the joy of once more being whole
Then in winter chill the pearl gray sky
Is a blanket, soft and warm
In this fallen world, He shelters us from harm

Sky Painter, show me the beauty of your works
You're the Artist and the Architect of all the universe
And when my blind eyes fail to see your hand in everything
Please hold me while you teach me how to see.

In the velvet of a clear night sky
His jewelry displayed
Hinting of perfection that mere diamonds cannot claim
And even when the clouds obscure
This vision from His throne
He sees us still, He will not leave us alone

Sky Painter, show me the beauty of your works
You're the Artist and the Architect of all the universe
And when my blind eyes fail to see your hand in everything
Please hold me while you teach me how to see.

In that moment just before the dawn
As your first words speak His Name
See the single spark of day's first light
Ignite the sky to flame
Once again we know new mercies
Once again, the promise learned -
Through skies like these He one day will return

Sky Painter, show me the beauty of your works
You're the Artist and the Architect of all the universe
And when my blind eyes fail to see your hand in everything
Please hold me while you teach me how to see.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

5 minutes of preciousness! Enjoy

As promised, here's the final slide show with some more of my favs! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Precious in His sight....

About a month ago, my pastor taught on the blessings of children and how they're to be protected and loved and how much God just simply loves them, red, yellow, black and white.

Today I had the pleasure and will continue through tomorrow photographing the children that attend the Trinity Wesleyan Daycare on Allisonville Rd. and 97th st.

I was instantly and practically in shock at their beauty. These are who actors emulate. I felt I was watching adults at how they wish they could be. Pure, honest, free and simple. I took about 500 pics of which I took out about 80 "duds" so that means in 2 hours I shot over 400 photos I'm proud of. Here's a few of these. Graciously, Jennifer Kitterman, the Director of the daycare and brainchild of letting me photograph these has allowed me to post these on my blog. Thank you to her and to these kids and their parents.
To see the full content you would have to be a parent or a friend of theirs. Thanks to the parents and I'll have a full slideshow in a few days for everyone to enjoy!

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Jesus' words: Mark 10:14(NIV)

Friday, July 16, 2010

KeyBank Clearwater VIP opening

I love going to Key's VIP branch openings. IndyDine caters every one and for those that don't know of IndyDine magazine, you may want to look them up at www.indianapolisdine.com they're diehlicious!

I won't go on and on about KeyBank or IndyDine. I'll let the photos do my bidding. Just wish you were me for a minute. Enjoy!

As always click on the pic if you want to see them bigger and if you have an event/wedding you know could use a photographer, give me a call.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Mom's "graduation"...

It's odd seeing your parents age. In one aspect it's strange because you remember times when they were younger, simultaneously, it brings back memories of one's own youth. This past week, I had the honor and privilege to attend my mom's retirement party and it was just a special memory that was a definite demarcation in time in one's path of life.

I was so happy that my family was able to be together for this momentus occasion to honor my Mom and what a pleasure it was to see her honored by so many current and past coworkers. I'm struggling with the right words to frame the experience because the actual event was special, but just being home was equally great. My brother and I were able to help Dad knock out and expand the entry way to their home and save for a blow to my head from a sledgehammer,- (yep... I've got a hard head, but never ever again do I wish to have anything like that happen again. Jeff, you're cool, but don't ever do it again). But besides being able to serve my parents with things that they can't fully do any longer, it was just satisfying to be home in Nevada when there wasn't snow on the ground!

I'll try and keep this post fairly short, but I wanted to honor my Mom further with some thoughts of what I observed and share with the small world of readers I do have here with what great parents I have.

My mom's a quirky lady. Thrifty, ridiculously economical, and sublimely perfect for the job she did with the AHEC office. As essentially the controller, (I'm not sure her title) but the accountant/bookkeeper/office manager, she kept the boat afloat. I don't know how she has the patience to do books, perhaps as a musician, the idea of bookkeeping is congruent to playing a piece of music.
Well, she played her job well and I think everyone from her boss down agreed that the music she made always was pleasing. Besides that, her personality, graceful, kind and always gracious, was so well reflected by her coworkers as they had the opportunity to roast her at her party. While a couple jabs about using both sides of the paper and other hyper-thrifty traits she has, everyone from Spokane to Michigan honored her with kind words and accolades of her genuine kindness, friendliness and trustworthiness. In a day of employee dischord, and general lack of morals, Mom was above all else, the picture of devotion and trustworthiness. If she was asked to do something, it would get done. If she were given a quarter to keep for a 6 month period to hold, you could count on her to still have that very quarter 6 months later. (I know it's a little extreme...), but my point is is that my Mom was beyond reproach, the perfect keeper of an organizations books and the perfect employee.

I find it hard to know what it was like to have worked with her. Being her son, I know her differently. She doesn't have to be as diplomatic with her boys as she was with her coworkers, but I have a feeling that the love they have for her is a lot like the love I have for her as well. She is special, unique, and I know she will be missed from the hallways there. Since I'm going on and on I'd also like to thank my Mom's coworkers for being such good friends to her. Betty and Jim, Terrell and Allen, Julie, Corey all those that no longer work or even live in the state for that matter that came to see her "graduate", it was so good to see you all and thank you for honoring her.

I pray a special blessing on her and my dad as they are both now retired and able to enjoy life together. I pray that he appreciates the quirky thrifty things that she does and realizes that she's got the house's best interest at heart. I also pray that she appreciates Dad's love for her and that he wants her to feel special and enjoy life. After all, you can't take it with you....

Congratulations on retiring Mom! And Dad, I'm sorry I didn't get or think about honoring you and your retirement. Lord knows you deserve equal honor. You both are great parents!

(there will be a book...!) oh and as always, click on the pic if you want to see it bigger and I travel west for work so if there's anyone with kids/family getting married you know who to call!;)

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