Saturday, March 14, 2009

The 5th Legacy House Shoot

"Legacy House - altering the legacy of violence, one life at a time."

This is the second to last shoot for the Legacy House series I started last fall. Many thanks to Misty, my wonderful and brave model for this shoot.

I wanted to create a before and after showing a "snapshot" like pic taken as if by a clinic, at the point of abuse/violence and then contrast it with help of Legacy House, a woman recovered, empowered and heale

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My Dream Assignment….

For years I’ve wanted to explore and document America in its shape and form from the past in the present time. Growing up in Wyoming and rural Nevada, living along the swath of Interstate-80, travelling back and forth with my camera in tow, I’ve been given a unique perspective of boom and bust cultures and the result of the aftermath lying in state. With pop culture & society’s other influences I have a sense that “America” as we ideally see it is endangered as well.

I’d really like to photograph a metaphorical journey of America as it used to be, and how we’ve lost so much of what made us great and are on course to losing. In contrast, by exploring America, I’d also like to capture in story what makes us a truly great nation today and give people a vision that all isn’t lost. That America is still America. That we’re not two political parties, but one nation. Diverse, brilliant, adaptable, strong, resilient and united. That while parts of America is abandoned, America itself is not.

Who's this Brian guy?

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I'm one of the few people from Wyoming in the midwest. Born and bred, by default I'm a cowboy, through life though I guess I've kept the wanderlust and taken it urban. Having lived in 11 states now, I feel safe to say that I've found home in Indy. I'd never have dreamed I'd live here but 5 years later, I have no complaints! I've been a "lifestyle" photographer for quite a while. Cutting my teeth in landscape photography and photojournalism out West I've developed a style that focuses on simplicity, beauty and life lived well.