Monday, April 9, 2012

DPA & Diehliciouspix... "Helping Helpers Help Others"

Greetings and thank you for visiting my blog. It's been quite a long time since I've haunted this section of Diehl Photographic Arts land! With Facebook's prominence in the world of general internet existence I've spent more time posting what I do there and leave this more robust area out of the normal circulation. So if you'd like to see what else I do besides what's on here and have a facebook account, check me out @ I tweet some and sometimes it's about my biz. It's occasionally funny and always observant:!/Diehliciouspix I'm going to restart my linkedin so I'll get that posted here as well! Social media matters, eh?

I've lately been searching my heart trying to decide where I need to be going with my business. I've been "full-time" as a sole-proprietor over the past couple years and started DPA, aka diehliciouspix in 2005 as a part-time moonlighting business.
People have always been my specialty and I've photographed thousands of people. Literally I've now focused 1% of Indianapolis! That's pretty cool if you think about it. One percent of a million's kind of a big diehl. :) But as I continue in my work and as I try to get "more" out of it and desire to give more of myself, my talents, passions and abilities in every aspect of my life I realized that I need to be more focused and have a niche.

Often it's been said in business that you can't be everything to everyone. I've tried this to some extent and I think perhaps that's why I've only photographed 1% of Indy instead of 5%, or even 10%! Those numbers aren't really a goal of mine. Initially it mattered to me, but what really matters to me isn't how many people I've photographed, but rather, I'm learning that what really matters is how I can help others with what I do, so I've decided to declare, if you will, that I am now Indianapolis' Non-Profit Photographer!

Funny thing about this is that no non-profits know this yet! LOL and when they do, what they'll do with it I have no idea, but I want to help helpers help others.
This doesn't mean I won't continue to do "event and lifestyle-people photography" but even with that, I already give 10% to my church of what I earn but I'll provide all my clients ways to choose who they want a portion of their business with me to support too! This is going to require a little more of me, but to much is given, much is expected and I'm stepping up to the call.

Novel? I don't think so, but the truth of it all is that I think I'll find myself, busier, happier, content, and connecting with people that have the same perspective in life. To Help.
So join with me as I now venture to "help helpers help others"
Thanks and God Bless!


Lanette said...

Very Nice! What you're doing is amazing. You will go far as Indy's Exclusive Non-Profit Photographer!

Lanette said...

Congrats on being Indy's Exclusive Non-Profit Photographer. Self-appointed or not, you're going to be greatly rewarded!

Anonymous said...

Nicely written. Way to listen and follow your calling, good luck :)

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