Saturday, November 6, 2010

All in a Day's work...

I know that I don't have a normal job or work life. Don't be jealous. Trust me, there's days I wish I had an office with co-workers and a paycheck bi-weekly with a 401K I could count on. So don't, don't, let me repeat, don't think that my life is better than yours.

I can say however and this part you can be envious of, and that is, that when I do my job, I do what I love.

Today I got to photograph Kelly Gerling, a branch manager from KeyBank and her son. I've included a couple of my favorites as well as a couple photos I made on my way home from Noblesville. In the air were these 3 hot-air balloons. I said "self, you should take some pictures of those" so, naturally, I had my gear with me and these are a couple I liked starting from Fishers over to Geist Reservoir.

All in a day's work... It's 10:55 and I'm 60% done with the Gerling's photos and the 100 or so balloon pix and I'm about to "Fall Back". Thank you God for your blessings in the work I get.

If you like what I do, tell your friends. What I do is priceless and Diehlicious!


Anne L. said...

Sweet pic's Brian. May you continue to be blessed with all you need for work and life!

Anonymous said...

Love the balloon colors you chose with the surrounding nature colors. MA

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely work, sir!

Who's this Brian guy?

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