Friday, February 20, 2009

WPPI Convention Fun in Vegas

As many of you know, I'm a big music fan. Obviously besides being a photographer as my biggest passion, music is a close second and this convention trip to Vegas for the Wedding Portrait Photographer's International, aka ...WPPI convention allowed me to not only delve into the hippest and most current trends in the wedding and portrait world and learn from the best, but thanks to Nikon, also gave me front row access to a great band I've loved for years.... Blues Traveler.

Imagine if you will, 2000 people, huge MGM Grand Arena, staging this huge act, and... the kicker was, that we could bring our photo gear! How cool is that??? Think back to your last concert. How often do you see everyone under the sun snapping off crappy photos on their cell phone from 300 miles away, just to "remember". It's like an artifact, just to prove "I was there". Well Nikon and Blues Traveler, gave us all that and more. Not only a great show, but the ability to capture some incredible memories. I hope you enjoy mine.

As you know, Vegas is so visually dynamic so I added in a couple other favorites I took from around the MGM, enjoy the rest of the scenic shots and I threw in a lovely small group seminar with Dennis Reggie at the Pictage booth. Dennis is kind of the "father" of high end, photojournalistic photography. When he speaks, everyone listens. I learned a lot :)

See you at the Bridal Show at the Montage @ Allison Pointe on Sunday! And like all my other posts, feel free to click on them to make 'em bigger!

Enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Brian, these pics are awesome! I cannot wait to see what "fun" you have up your sleeve for the wedding in Cancun! I absolutely love the color effects you have done with these pics!

Anonymous said...

Amazing... I am in Awe!!!

Erin said...

Brian, found your blog through facebook. Great shots! Can't wait to see more! Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time! We did too. It was an amazing experience. And I love the shots you captured! :)

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