Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All In The Family...

I had a great time back in K.C. MO. hanging out with my family this past week. My folks flew in from Nevada. My brother came in from Ft. Worth, my cousin Sarah and husband Michael had us at their place while my folks stayed with my Uncle and Aunt across the street. Total blast! Bob, my uncle and the newest Grandpa Johnson turned 60 so we helped him celebrate the big day and it was my first chance to see my newest cousin, Giada Bella... precious little girl that she is. Sarah and Michael gave her each of their best genes and you can tell just in looking at her.

Yesterday was my Folks' 40th anniversary and as I was going through these pictures, I realized over the decades of my photography that I've never done a real nice portrait of them. I so wish I could have thought about that when I had them hostage here in Indy for the day that they were here.... Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!! I love you tons.

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