Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Sunday!...a parable of light and life

This photo was taken around Trafalgar Indiana. It really reminds me of heavenly things.

Sunday's good for that too...

Rays of light are how I make my living. Fortunately, we have a pretty good understanding of how light works and there are some laws of light that make it easy for me to look like I'm pretty darn good. But trying to harness the power of light and "tame" it, also tames me.

In the studio and doing weddings, it's not so much the light that is the variable, in that venue it's the people, but it's in the outdoors that light really amazes me.

Growing up out west was where I cut my teeth in the world of photography doing landscapes and it is there where God lit up my life literally.

You see, just like Sunday is my Sabbath, nature is a church to me too. Now I'm far from an environmentalist, but when you're in nature and you watch the sunrise or sunset through a stand of lodgepole pines at 10,000 feet you get a great appreciation for all of creation and it's grounding and has helped me think of life in perspective of creation and how amazing life is.

Now while I love photographing outdoors, the longer I go, the more I find people more interesting. The wierd thing is is that we don't admire ourselves (unless you count models/stars/etc.). Our uniqueness isn't obvious, well not normally. (We can't all be as cute as my wife) But the truth of the matter is that despite how amazing The Tetons are or the Maroon Bells or Patagonia or Banff, people really are the most amazing part of creation. We just don't realize it. So as I work, I always think to myself, what makes this person unique, what light can I cast on them to make them shine. How can I get them to be who they are. Some of that is light, some of that is talent, all of it is God.

I'm still new at this blog thing. My creative writing and journalism days are over 5 years in my past. I'll try to make sense. I promise, if I don't, ask for me to clarify. Who knows, someday someone may actually read these.!


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hello from elko...good catching up with you

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