Monday, February 25, 2008

A Special Thank You

To all the photographer's that have a spouse help them, you can understand the relief of the extra eyes, hands and grace that can accomplish a lot when you've got to deal with the overall process of the day.

This is the case with Lisa. It may seem a little out of place at this moment in time if you knew the whole story, perhaps down the road I'll elaborate, but I want to make sure I say thank you to Lisa for all her help and her assistance and referrals and her eyes.

As you can see by these photos, she's got a great talent in photography as well and I always am glad to have her loaded with a camera to get what I don't and bring some new options to the day's story.

We're going to be photographing Kristen and Lowell's wedding in a couple weeks at the Rathskellar and I'm excited to see what she comes up with. Not too many photographers have the support that she's provided me, nor the ability and in this time, I just want to make sure it's voiced for the world to know that I appreciate her and what she's done for me with DPA.

Thanks Lilo! You rock!



Anonymous said...

keep up the good work...

ElllEfff said...

What a sweet acknowlegement! I love shooting with Brian. His talent is inspiring!

Who's this Brian guy?

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I'm one of the few people from Wyoming in the midwest. Born and bred, by default I'm a cowboy, through life though I guess I've kept the wanderlust and taken it urban. Having lived in 11 states now, I feel safe to say that I've found home in Indy. I'd never have dreamed I'd live here but 5 years later, I have no complaints! I've been a "lifestyle" photographer for quite a while. Cutting my teeth in landscape photography and photojournalism out West I've developed a style that focuses on simplicity, beauty and life lived well.