Tuesday, March 9, 2010

541 Salon, my choice to turn Shaggy back into Chandler and bride's Up-Do's too!

I know I know, you all are probably wondering, "wow, how does Brian keep looking so good!?" And granted, my parents will secretly take all the credit but I'll let you in on this ancient Chinese secret, Kirsten Federau..... 541 Salon in Carmel on Rangeline.
Yeah, this blog post is really really grasping at lots of humor, wit and really generally poor self-deprecating humor, but alas, sometimes it's all one has.

Fortunately, I've also got luck, talent, blessings, a plethora of gifts and without going on and on and making myself seem way to narcissistic which in reality, this whole post is going to appear, I think I'll stop and brag on my friend and amazing stylist/colorist/ & UP-Doist (for those that are getting married, hire her...) Kirsten.

We had a great time catching up today, coining her new last name, which her husband Drew (aka Jake from the Bachelor) according to Kirsten he's his twin, but I won't either confirm or deny if he favors this Jake guy as I don't watch the Bachelor. Carrying on, the new last name for Kirsten, (the Up-Do specialist) is Federgard.

I won't elaborate, for those that know her, you'll laugh, for those that don't, ask when you get your hair appointment. You can book your appointment by calling 317.580.0541. Tell her you're a friend of mine and, well, you don't even have to, Just look what she can do with this almost old guy that could have played Shaggy on Scooby Doo. Ahhhh, back to Chandler Bing... so much better. (the first photo is before, the last ones... well you get it. If you want to see any of my photos, just click on em......)

Thanks Kirsten! you made me "diehlicious!"


Anonymous said...

Such a handsome boy, but I'm not prejudiced:) MA

Todd C said...

You are a funny man, Mr. Diehl. Nice haircut!

Who's this Brian guy?

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