Sunday, May 23, 2010

All play and no work makes B a dull boy....

I know I know, everyone probably thinks a man of my skill, aptitude, passion and the like would think that I'd have a wedding booked every weekend and I'd be getting church's blowing down my door begging for me to do their directory and singles pining and grovelling at the opportunity to have me help them look better online. Likewise, you'd think that every salesperson and business professional would have heard of me and how after they get their photos created, positive reflections of their own good name are subliminally transmitted through their great pics.

But alas, this isn't the case and so I'm asking for you, my 3 readers.... OH wait, that's just it. I have 3 readers and my facebook fan page has 60 some fans, maybe I need to take "IT" to the streets. No I'm not begging for work although Linus my parents dog's got the racket on a good life. He just has to look cute, sit pretty and dad's more than happy to plump him up with yummy's. I'm not so cute and I don't get cuter the plumper I become.

Alas, we can't all be Linus' and well, I'm not going to beg. I will ask however for any referrals, so for all my readers, (I know there's more than 3 btw), hook me up and share my diehliciousness with your friends.

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Anonymous said...

What perfect pictures of the pup who hates to be captured on camera! MA

Who's this Brian guy?

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