Friday, May 28, 2010

Can you say diehlicious!!!???

I belong to a service called Pictage which is essentially an online proofing and photography print house. Now if I just left my blog with that sentence, it would really be lame and funny but only in a really dry way make no sense and would give cause to wonder what the heck is wrong with Brian? After all, if you were reading a wall posting I put on my cousin's fadebook you'd start thinking this...- (my new nickname for f-book). (I could make side comments and put them in parentheses like crazy... like I just realized how much I love nicknames, yep even mine when I'm teeing off, but only when I'm teeing off, hence its secretive nature). But I digress because that's not at all a part of my blog post today and really it's not to promote Pictage, but perhaps, promote the culture within Pictage's User Groups.

Photographers are wierd folks. We tend to have egos bigger than our waist size multiplied by our shoe size and well, honestly, mine can be big but going to the Pictage meeting we call PUGs is really really good for me because it just keeps me grounded.

Now I'm far from self-important and frankly judging by what my peers do, I am always a bit humbled and,- I emphasize AND, grateful for a community of photographers where we can leave our egos at the door and share our business, our stories and lives and learn and teach from one another. In this business, it is infrequent that you can work in the same city and essentially compete for the same prospects and not be lame and have jealousy/bitterness towards each other.

So last night, I had the opportunity to share and shoot with a handful of great photographers, share our photos and get to know each other better. Thanks to Kevin and Gino and our models that came. We had a great time, learned some and just had some good fellowship and frankly, I'm grateful for that as much as anything.

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Anne L. said...

Awesome pic's Brian and I love the post - sounds like a cool meeting - almost a CR for Photographers in a way. Glad you have that network.

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