Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hilliary and Danny Cofer's Wedding @ the Scottish Rite Cathedral

I had the pleasure shooting a couple "firsts" for this last wedding I did. Click to enjoy the slideshow and read on to learn about a couple firsts. Thank you Hilliary and Danny! God bless you guys. I thoroughly enjoyed your day and thank you for trusting me with it!

The first for me was to shoot on a Thursday. Normally, weddings are Saturday events, but this couple is an outside the dots kind of family and I really love that!
Second, it was my first wedding at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. As you can see from the photos, there's not an ugly place in the entire building from the roof on down to the grounds all around. It's a structure worth bringing extra light into. It is breathtaking.
The last thing that was a first for me was to shoot on the roof of the Cathedral. These days it's hard to find a unique location and normally this isn't either a conceived or location or it's just off limits, but thanks to Danny's mom, I got the inside line and with great assistance from everyone @ the Cathedral, took some really unique photos of Danny and his Groomsmen on the roof!
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I hope you enjoy the slide show and stay tuned.

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