Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Golf... it's a passion.

A lot of people know that I love to golf. Some people joke that golfing is a good walk wasted while some say that a bad day golfing is better than a good day at work. I declare, why not combine the two?

I golf with Rick and Rick and decided to bring my camera this past time to Royal Hylands out in Knightstown. After shooting the day fairly limited, I thought to myself, "self, you could have such a good time doing PGA type photography for the average joe golfer that wants to decorate his den or have a book of a day of golf out with his buddies that he can put on the coffee table and brag on for years to come." What a cool thing to have, right?! I know I'd love it, so how about you? Then I thought, why just limit this to golf? There's so many activities that people are passionate about, what if they wanted the same snapshot of their life produced at the highest level possible?

So, are you an active person? A golfer, tennis enthusiast, dancer, soccer player, master griller/hostess with the mostess? If so and you'd love to have pics that should/could be in publication you should give me a buzz.

I thrive on lifestyle photography. Bringing the everyday magic and capturing moments that are timeless and cherished.
Ask me what I offer and I'll tell you!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing work once again Brian!!!!

Who's this Brian guy?

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I'm one of the few people from Wyoming in the midwest. Born and bred, by default I'm a cowboy, through life though I guess I've kept the wanderlust and taken it urban. Having lived in 11 states now, I feel safe to say that I've found home in Indy. I'd never have dreamed I'd live here but 5 years later, I have no complaints! I've been a "lifestyle" photographer for quite a while. Cutting my teeth in landscape photography and photojournalism out West I've developed a style that focuses on simplicity, beauty and life lived well.