Wednesday, June 15, 2011

25th Zoobilation Celebration

I had a blast shooting Zoobilation this year. As my first year at it, I realized 3 things. Zoobilation is the biggest party separate of the Indy 500 week. Zoobilation is the largest party I've ever photographed and lastly, I realized that if I can shoot a party of 4,000, what can't I handle???

Enjoy the slideshow and if you'd like to order images or see the other 400+ pix go to this website on Pictage and register and order there.


Anonymous said...

Wow--red carpet, even! Great pix, Bri. MOM

Anne said...

Dude - these are awesome. You have really stepped up into the next level. God bless you in all you do. Go Brian!!!! Go God!!!!

Elanza said...

Great Pictures Brian! Very talented!

Who's this Brian guy?

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I'm one of the few people from Wyoming in the midwest. Born and bred, by default I'm a cowboy, through life though I guess I've kept the wanderlust and taken it urban. Having lived in 11 states now, I feel safe to say that I've found home in Indy. I'd never have dreamed I'd live here but 5 years later, I have no complaints! I've been a "lifestyle" photographer for quite a while. Cutting my teeth in landscape photography and photojournalism out West I've developed a style that focuses on simplicity, beauty and life lived well.