Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Noble of Indiana Golf Scramble

I had the pleasure of serving Noble of Indiana as their event photographer yesterday at the Sagamore Club for their 5th annual Golf Tournament.

As you all know, I'm a big lover of the game of golf and similarly love to shoot it. It's a game of beauty, spaces, skill, tacet moments and passion. Friendships are built on the course and stories made as well as told.

I think as you will see in my pics and my slideshow which I'll hopefully have up by days end all those things will be obvious. For those interested in buying any of my pics, 10 % of my proceeds go back to Noble so don't be bashful.

Liz Fraim, Jennifer Faulkner Ferrell (Jen do people call you JFF? :) ) and Rita Davis as well as all the others involved in every aspect including a very large army of volunteers put together an incredible event.

I unfortunately missed the dinner and awards. Coach O'Brien spoke among others and I'm sure I missed a good conversation with a classy guy and that's exactly the feeling I got from the entire span of this event.

Often times you go to golf scrambles and you get a lot of otherwise good guys that just go wrong and behave badly. I never got that feeling once yesterday. Every person at this event were folks I could say I'd be happy to get to know and wouldn't be ashamed to call a friend.

Investigate Noble of Indiana if you don't know much about them go to Invest or volunteer in what they do. They really are a Noble cause doing great work in this city.

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Anne said...

Great pics for a great cause. Sounds like a tailor made shoot for you too. Cool.

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