Wednesday, June 23, 2010

moving and early morning storms

So those in the know, know I've moved. The very first POTD pic on my Facebook is a view from my old place. I don't think much of the view, hence the move... next door! Yep, it was hardly a move, I could have just knocked out a hole in the wall and walked right over to move everything in.
Very special thanks to my bud Robby Hahn for helping move me. You rock bro!

Anyway, I've decided to re-design the spaces I used before and one particular area is the nook right off the kitchen/livingroom. As you can see, it's an East facing window, which I love because I love morning light. (Part of the reason for moving over here). But with the nook facing East and me wanting to use it as an office space, it's pretty hard to see my bank of monitors when Mama Nature is wailing "blinded by the light" to me. So I spent way too much time looking for blinds/curtains something to block the light and still look kind of decent and the result is Voila! I know, it's nothing to write home about, so mom, you know now. Don't be shocked!

So that's the unpretty part of my otherwise normally diehlicious posts I put up. Now, for the backyard photos. It's 12:45 AM and I hear thunder rolling like I've not heard since my honeymoon in Vegas 8 years ago. I step out, it's dry, wind is breezy, but above me is a light show like I've only seen and experienced once before. Ironically, my old apartment, the noisy, parking lot facing, west coast side one, had the best show in the world, of course, I couldn't see it, but what I could see and what I captured are here for you to enjoy. I did some fun Lightroom adjustments, realize, it's almost 1am, very little had been touched to the general exposure, some white balancing is about it. I did a couple virtual copies with different Lightroom presets. My point is that, it was bright as day and that night, we got over 5 inches of rain in just a couple hours in certain places over town. A small dam burst on the West side of town and more rain is in the forecast!
Enjoy the photos and if anyone knows a good Ark maker, lemme know! Oh, and feel free to click on them to make 'em bigger if you want.


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Love the hues of a good storm. Hope you enjoy your new room with a view!

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