Friday, April 16, 2010

All in a day's passion...

So there I was, on my home from Swan's place in Z-ville. Great meeting with fellow PUG's and a nice meet and greet with Pictage's CMO Simon Anderson. So I was sailing home and all the sudden, bumper to bumper traffic at like 9:30 just past Meridian exit.
So I get a pseudo wild hair and get my camera ready, pop the moonroof and start shooting. Some folks text and drive, I guess, although this was the first time I've done this m.o. of shooting/driving. Well, I got some really cool pics....

I did the math pretty quick, obviously there's road construction and they're hanging the girders for Westfield Blvd over 465 so apparently they have to close extra lanes and who knows whatever else to facilitate hoisting these monster beams to span the lanes.

Well, I decide to exit at Keystone and backtrack. I love construction/industry and always love shooting it. I don't know why exactly, I'm sure its partially just being a kid and always loving heavy equipment. My dad operated all sorts of large scale equipment and I worked at a gold mine for a few summers while in college, so I just guess I'm "drawn" to the lights like some folks are to the strip in Vegas.

So I get to the point where the road ends and start hoofing around the opposite side of the construction area. Picture goofy old me, dressed for success on the worksite. Black linen pants, nice brown silk campshirt, flip flops... Yep, I was decked out for an OSHA inspection indeed. Thank God, they were on the other side of the interstate and it was 10 p.m. They could care less about me as long as I didn't abscond with an excavator or blow anything up, I was golden. So, 12 am, I finished up.

Why you may ask??? Well, it's pretty simple. Because I love what I do. Even cooler, is that every shot, has not been touched, adjusted, manipulated. So, yep, the really wild slow shots..... straight out of the camera....

Just like Ice-T said, "I'd have to say it was a great day. I didn't have to use my, ..." Click
on the pics if you want to see them bigger.


Stuart Meyer said...

Cool pictures moving in the vehicle. Night shots are some of my favorites.

Todd C said...

Love these -- esp. the moonroof shots. Fast camera, cool effects. Also like the new blog template. There are other templates that might be even better for showcasing your pics. Let me know if you'd like to try some out.

Brian Diehl said...

I love using my quadpod :)

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