Monday, November 15, 2010

Stefon Harris & Blackout Showcase for Sat. PASIC

Saturday was quite a day for this amateur drummer and professional photographer. I not only got to play a gig with my band "The Occasional Blues Band" helping entertain the homeless for an afternoon of service with the but I also got to photograph a number of amazing percussionists.

I haven't really had the time to fully explain yet how I got "lucky" this weekend and while I'm lucky, & grateful I'm pretty sure PAS will be very grateful they gave me a media pass and got free work from me. Here's the story, it's pretty simple. I saw a posting on Craigslist about the Percussion Arts Society convention, PASIC and pasically, I mean basically I went downtown because I wanted to learn some from the Stanton Moore clinic and watch his trio. I initially purchased a 2 session pass which would get me the clinic and in to watch his concert, but then I asked about bringing my camera, they asked if I was in the media, I asked if I could get a media pass and that got the ball rolling.
So, as luck/good fortune/good living I'm not sure which, would have it, Jon Feustel, marketing/communications director of PAS gave me a pass, reimbursing my initial $30 fee and I gave up access but not copyright to all 2000 photos of this remarkable showcasing some of the world's most prolific and talented percussionists.

My college percussion instructor, Ronnie Bedford ought to be honored, perhaps he already has. But I know he would love this as in his 80'th year he's still lovin' rhythm and I believe still teaching! So that's my plug to PAS, look him up. Of course, if they have to look him up... never mind :)

Anyway, Saturday evening's showcase act was a Grammy nominated group Stefon Harris & Blackout.
Now I'm not an aficionado but I do know good music and well, as you can see from the photos these cats know music, breathe it, love it, and bring it BIG. It was a pleasure to not only watch but to hear. If I were blind I would've felt the passion. I highly recommend my readers that love jazz and funk and soulful good music to look Blackout up. And yes, that first pic is THE- Mr.Vic Firth. It was so cool walking through the hall earlier and seeing him with his name tag and looking all around and these people have his shirts, stick bags, lanyards all donning his name and all of us were in awe! It was like a cinematic feeling watching people realize they're seeing a living legend. I use Vic's love 'em... in case Mr. Firth wants to send me a few I use RockMaple SD4 Combos :)

So enjoy the photos, if you want to see them larger, click on them, they're Diehlicious!

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Anne L. said...

Awesome photos Brian. That's called life in the flow of the Spirit, eh? I'm lovin' it. Keep on!

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