Monday, January 17, 2011

Post on January 17 2011

In my class, for those that know, I'm now teaching an Intro to Photography with Ivy Tech in Franklin. This is the blog post I do and I'll put up some of these over time if I'm feeling excited, geeked or just want to share with my friends what I'm doing and accomplishing in this class.

So where do I begin? Week one is under my belt and the joy and mystery of undertaking a new job/experience and in the case of IVY Tech, a new endeavor. Since I think only my class participants, perhaps the division peeps will look at this, I'm not sure what else to put on here, those that aren't in my class should know that I'm giving the class the opportunity to do a Pic Of The Day, it's not for anything more than a little fun and this weeks POTD challenge was very simple, put your camera in P mode and we'll look at the photos and vote for Wednesday's POTD. My POTD entry is across the street from our campus. Literally just a quick drive by photo.

In addition to the POTD, I'll try to add on fun teachery type things that may help illustrate an idea I covered in class. For example, the photo with the ivy tech computer screen in the foreground demonstrates an image with a fair amount of Noise. I compared Noise to what in film terminology? Anyone, anyone?

Naturally, I didn't take 2 of the 3 photos in here. Many thanks to Samantha and Andrea :)

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