Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Go "Live"

Today was a good day. I just submitted my website to "go live" and it should be up for all to see officially on Thursday at the very latest. Also, I saw some fruit from my labors of "knocking on doors" and getting business through meeting people and pitching myself and my idea to bring a good face to go with a good name.

I photographed a guy named Tony. Interesting fellow, retiree of the auto industry, he has a taste for good guitars and exploring America on his BMW moto, so we had a good time chatting while snapped a great set of photos for him to use on his online dating pages.

After photographing him, I had Anne come in. Anne is an RN from the lovely country of New Zealand. A 48 y.o. widow, she's lived in the states since '89 and her husband and her were in the auto racing biz for many years all the while she has been in healthcare since attending University in the New Zeal Land. We had a great time talking about travels, I learned a bit about blue diamonds, and working at Wishard and giggled about for profit medicine and Wishard being in the "black" which I guess is pretty rare for a State Hospital to be profitable. Oh well, I digress. I hope that I've made a difference in these two single people's lives. I know they've made my day a lot more interesting than what it would've been otherwise.

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