Friday, February 22, 2008

The Revision Vision

Thanks to all my friends from my PUG group. I spent some time going through your comments and critiques and think I've tightened up the ship some. Less scrolling, more succinct.

More focused on me helping my clients. Focusing, not on focus, rather vision.

I know, I get all into poetic phrasing Sometimes, like this last statement, it gets a little confusing, unclear. My wife always gets after me with how I phrase things and word ideas. But this is my blog and that's how I think sometimes. I like to Think. I like to get from one idea to another through words. That's how my vision works too. A good example of this is in my website under the Things gallery. My Absolut ad. You'll notice the phrasing "there are absoluts". Well it's based on the philosophical argument that all things are relative. I counter that that is not the case. A lot of things are. But since not everything is, "all" can not be used. There are absolutes in the world. And there are Absolut's also. So I got the idea obviously from that. With the bottles on all these different philosophical books, kind of like a counter. Emphatically stating that despite what the world may say. "There are Absolute's".

So the revision of vision is the same. Just with a lot less philosophical flair and less fervor. After all, it's just bits and pieces of my approach to service put on my website, but I want to make sure that my clients know that They as a client are important. My focus. Not the Masses. (Thanks Janet)!

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shawna said...

Brian~ great job with the revisions, things look cleaner and to the point...nice seeing you at the PUG...sorry you had to be picked on so much, but your website really has some great improvements now :-)

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