Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"How do you name a blog? I asked my Aunt."

So I really don't have a name for this blog post. It has no real subject, just a continuation of photos of my family on vacation in Tucson, AZ. I was sitting beside my Aunt Jo when I titled it.

I guess sometimes blogs don't have a subject. When you're a photographer your photography is typically the subject, right? That said, the kind of photographer that I am leans toward documentary/lifestyle/portraiture and in truth, that is what I am doing with my family. Last year I made a book of our reunion which was a hit and I'm getting really into "storybooks". My "Life series" are starting to develop. I pitched and hopefully will get to do my "First Year" book with the Baird's who are expecting in a month, and I just had my first family purchase "A Day in Your Life" through the Vines for Life Cancer Charities fund raiser. I'm excited to get to offer this to more people/families that really do appreciate a timeless memento and wish to see where they were and who was there with them for years to come.

I know I'm not original in doing these. In reality they're just offshoots of what a wedding album is. But, I'm just starting to try to apply the idea to other people's parts of their life and I really think they're diehlicious! I mean, if a life's worth living, it's worth sharing.

here's the story of the day...

Today my cousin and his gf Laura and I headed out to a park that isn't necessarily obscure, but somehow, someway, has alluded my Great Aunt and Uncle's awareness for about 54 years! Agua Caliente park is a spring developed by a cattleman, I think, by the name of Fuller that developed the land and handled about 1200 head of cattle. For those that haven't spent any time in Tucson or the desert southwest, it is not only hot and dry, but chock full'o cactus. Handling 1200 cattle had to be about one of the hardest gigs known, but I think in all honesty, developing the southwest just had to be pretty damn hard. It makes me wonder if that's why AZ didn't become a state til like 1909.

Anyway, this park is stunning. It's truly an oasis in the desert and I'm glad my friend told me about it. Like any other photos on my blog, if you'd like to see them larger, just click on them and you'll be able to see them a bit more grande'! Hasta la vista!
Post Script... my Uncle TC flew in from Wyoming yesterday and if you look at the huge tree it's just one tree, it's a mesquite and it's over 200 years old. Additionally, the palm tree I'm whistling under has a cactus growing out of it, so I hope you enjoy and if you like what you read or want to discuss having me make a book of your life, leave me a message.

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Great pics as always!

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