Friday, October 29, 2010

My Art Show...

Last night was the monthly Partnership for Lawrence Arts "Toast the Arts" featuring me and my photography. I had a great time and was grateful to all who attended.
I brought 18 images, half of which were interpretations/illustrations of poems and the other half were photos from my travels, which I call "side of the road photoshow" pictures.
Thanks to the patrons that purchased my work. I'm eternally grateful for people that enjoy the creations that I see.

I also wanted to thank all my friends from the Vineyard, Anne, Rebecca, Rick, Mike, Debbie, The Baker's and my good friend John Patterson for making the effort and taking the time to go out of their way and help support local art.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you to Pam Fraizer, as well as the entire Board of PFL Arts, Chef Suzanne and Elite Beverages for supporting and promoting local artists. I owe Pam more than any other patron of the arts as she has provided me with many opportunities and has been a conduit of success for me and my business. I'm sure many people know the kind of passion she has for the Arts, but she's genuinely a caring and compassionate woman that I will always want on my team. So thank you to Pam and for anyone that is in need of phenomenal graphic design, illustrations or logo work, seek her out. She's worth 10 times her rates. If you need proof, look at my business cards, my logo, and numerous non-profits she does work for. She is blessed and the best.

Over the next day I'll put the catalog and prints on here if anyone's interested in purchase, contact me @

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Bri. Looking forward to the further postings. MA

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