Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Vacation...YAY Family Reunions

Family Reunions for my family are a lot of fun, a lot of low level drama, like how do you make the coffee pot work and a lot of story telling and commisurating. I was going to put these photos up last night, but it took 24 hours to finally get wireless set up from our palatial rental.

For those that don't know, we rent a house for a week. This is year two in Tucson as my Dad's Mom's sister, aka my Great Aunt Dorothy lives here. She's the one of the last of my family's Grand generation, aka Grand Parents, Great Aunt's Uncles, etc from either side of my family. So, we get to see her and Jay and their kids Rick and Brenda and their kids Andrew and Ashley and I think that's the spread.

So we rented this house that's sort of like a mansion. It's large, palatial in size and a whole lot better than renting a couple hotel rooms for an entire week. I highly recommend renting a house, kind of like time sharing, but without having to "own" and deal with time sharing. Spreading the cost over 8 or so peeps means we each pay about $15 a day and well, as you can see, that's just not too bad when you can live like a king and queen for a week. So More much more fun photos will be up tomorrow. I just wanted to get some pix up for my Tucson friends and family and let y'all know life is good in Tucson, AZ.

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Anne L said...

I'd say that's pretty nice for $15.00 a day! I wondered where you were. Sounds like a great time. My brother lives there. Too hot for me but up in the mountains is nice. Enjoy!
Anne L.

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