Friday, April 9, 2010

POTD... My "dream" opportunity.....

So for those of you that live in Indy, you've undoubtedly seen the city's newest, latest, & biggest skyscraper coming to completion. The new JW as it will be called is a 1005 room full service hotel in the Marriott chain.

Well, for a couple months now I've been wanting to get in with White Lodging, the owner of the franchise for this Marriott and, well most Marriott's in Indiana and all over America for that matter. So I've wanted to see if I could get my photography in all the rooms. Well, today I was blessed with a returned phone call from Merrilville, IN. where White Lodging Inc is located and discovered that they just sent out the RFP's to get bids for the art in the rooms.

So,today, I headed downtown via Fishers where the staff at the 96th st SpringHill Suites (which are amazingly helpful and lovely, thanks Dee!) suggested I head down to the Marriott block which has a Springhill, Courtyard, Fairfield and the JW.

The short way to this ridiculously long set up was that I wanted to see what kind of art/theme they have in their showroom example of a typical guestroom. So, again, with incredibly helpful staff at Fairfield and Carolyn Pike on the construction side of the project graciously allowed me to see what a typical room looks like.

Ironically, I may be completely putting the cart before the horse as I don't have the official request for proposal to even try to become a vendor for this project. But I am a man of prayer and for some reason, I just "have a feeling". Whether I get "in" or not, I'm excited with the opportunity to fulfill this opportunity that I can hardly contain myself, so, I'm half tempted to erase this, half tempted to send it to White Lodging.

What do you think I'll do???

Oh, and the huge red sculpture is a Cardinal in the Marriott Art garden with other symbols of Indiana's state flowers and trees. Click on'em to see them bigger. Enjoy! Cardinals are delicious too!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a Viking ship to me, but I like it:) MA

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