Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Go fly a kite is often a phrase that's kind of dismissive, kindly blunt, well, uh, yeah. Maybe not so much when the weather was as nice as it was yesterday I had to get out the "wind-schooner" and set it off. Most of the pics you'll see I was handily flying and shooting, yeah, I know, it's like texting and driving.... Illegal but we do it anyways. :) Regardless, the one that's way up there, Anne from my church was skippering it by this time and seriously, that boat was like a football field away at least and 100+ feet in the air. So, let's go fly a kite! I wont' take offense and to see these larger, just click!

OH, and thank you and enjoy! and if you know anyone that's in the advertising world/ V.P.'s of marketing, Public Relations, Business Owners, anyone that would like to have "a good face to go with their good name", or make their business more attractive, perhaps even maybe more Diehlicious, then get them in touch with me please. After all, isn't that why my blog isn't about me, but about my business???? :) oh yeah, sorry, it is all about me...... :)

Enjoy! diehlicious is yummy!

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Anne said...

Woo Hoo!! That was fun! Cool shots. You definitely need to rent Kite Runner.

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