Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I had a ball!!!!

Yeah, you know, I'm a pretty punny guy and so I had to say it. But honestly, I did have a ball on this roadtrip with my parents.

I am completely and thoroughly blessed with my parents love for me and concern for my well being. Quite honestly, I would easily rate this in my top vacations I've ever taken. Ever. In hindsight, I know that it will probably be number one until I have, if ever that time comes, children of my own and I get to see them enjoy the world.

America's an awesome place. Rich with diversity, complexities, subtleties and a myriad of wealth and poverty. What I found interesting that, sometimes those with the most were the poorest compared to those with the least which falls right within the Beatitudes. (Matthew 5 for those that are curious).

That's not the point of this blog rather it's just to express the richness of the trip. Over the past week of blogging you've seen some humor, some beauty and some simple lifestyle photography that conveys the slice of life - "diehliciously". I hope you enjoyed.

Keep watching, I won't quit creating. I've got a city of a million peeps to photograph still and many square miles of Heartland to capture, so stay tuned.

Oh & back to the ball! The story of this sphere, believe it or not, moves. If you want to know the story, ask. It's fascinating and nothing moves it. It moves itself about 2 inches a year I believe. Of course when you have Superparents like I do, it moves a ton, but this is a secret and don't show the folks at the Marion OH cemetery these pics because then it'll hit the fan.

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anne said...

That is really cool that you enjoy and appreciate your parents so much Brian and that you feel so loved by them. You are blessed and so are they.

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