Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Imagine walking into a room filled with thrity-some planters of Easter lilies, roses, hyacinths, tulips and probably a bunch of other fancy pretty smelling hard to spell flowers! (Being a resident for 8 years now I spell Lily like the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly Inc...) That is what awaited me this morning when I arrived for worship team practice and graced our olfactory nerves through church today!
So I want to thank Lisa Schwier of Post Road English Garden for decorating our church for Easter and I absconded with a Lily from the sanctuary so I could put a pretty set of Easter photos on my blog because "he is the lily of the valley"...

For anyone interested in a little more study on why Jesus is the Lily of the Valley check out this link.

Happy Easter America!

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Anne said...

I really like these shots Brian. Very "Eastery" and full of a quiet but powerful glory. How fitting.

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