Saturday, April 17, 2010

POTD....i'm going "green"......(my Syllogism)

Happy POTD to my friends and fans! It was a cool, but delightful sunny day here in Indy. Spring is definitely here. Leaves are budding, pollen has dissipated thankfully for a few days but the bee's are buzzing and things are growing.

Metaphorically, literally, and from within, DPA and myself is truly mirroring mama nature and as I've been expounding on some of my aspirations, dreams, etc, I've been narrowing down my niche's in my head and my heart as to where I want to take my photography business.

I'm not trying to stop shooting weddings, and I still do lifestyle portraits /headshots, so those that want the most expensive wedding photographer in Indy can still hire me, but while my photography IS priceless, I am spreading my wings more into commercial pursuits and "Green" is where I want to put a lot of my stock. (pun intended)

I want to thank Dr. George Elvin director of the Green Technology Forum for some direction toward this pursuit. A couple years ago I had the pleasure of creating some lifestyle portraits at the Garfield Park Conservatory to represent him for his professional endeavors. Not to get too sidetracked, if you're interested in nanotech, "eco"architecture, or (ecotecture - as if I could coin the term but it's already been used) he's a prof at Ball State specializing in landscape/structural architecture with emphasis in "green".
Check out his website, or look him up at Ball State and for more eco-info:

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